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"Helping Homeless Children & Military Families"


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"3.5 million people are homeless in a given year, 1.35 million of them are children."


How can I help?

  1. Become a member of QSA Foundation - annual membership is only $30. Members can Volunteer your time or services. Membership privileges include future discounted services, networking, and rewarding volunteer opportunities. By filling out an application and sending it to: PO Box 2767, Winterville, NC 28590
  2. Make a donation - For Pledge form click here.
  3. No funds but can Volunteer? - please fill out the volunteer application
  4. You can donate portions of your E-BAY sales to QSA Foundation by using their Giving Works program - Mission Fish nonprofit ID 29561.



How do I donate?

1. Send your 501(c)3 donation check or money order to: 

QSA FOUNDATION, PO Box 2767, Winterville, NC 28590


For Pledge form click here.


Any Questions Call 313-408-0683.

Our mission is to help the community by supporting military soldiers and their families and to help the homeless with more focus on homeless children. We are currently seeking members/volunteers who also have those same passions to help others. By becoming a member in your community you are also given a chance to be come a leader and supporter of events that make a difference. We are currently accepting donations to send AT&T Calling Cards to deployed Military Soldiers, host seminars for The Soldier Re-entry Program, Providing food for homeless shelters every week and for our 2009 Christmas Party for the Homeless in both Kentucky and Michigan.

 Make your donation or pay your membership by Pay Pal or please fill out the attached membership form and or pledge form and return it with your donation so that the foundation can continue its efforts in 2009. If you know of anyone who would also be interested in becoming a member or making a pledge donation, please feel free to forward this message. I would like to say thank you in advance for assisting the QSA Foundation in their continuous efforts to bring out the smiles in our communities.


Within 24 business hours or receiving your donation, you will be contact by our foundation thanking you and sending you a 501c3 donation receipt and certification.

Donations are accepted in all 50 States.





Did you know you can donate portions of your E-BAY sales to QSA Foundation thru their Giving Works program? Certified for e-Bay Giving Works since 2009. Mission Fish nonprofit ID 29561.


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